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And then?

Diverse Learning Environments



The child acquires in the Nursery School the intellectual, coexistence and socialization habits necessary for their development and these will allow them to access school training with greater maturity, the next stage after us. At Olavide we offer you a free advisory service about the schools in the area when they are in the last year of the school, we will hold a group meeting when the processes begin and individually to guide you according to your priorities or tastes.


We have agreements with some schools in the area for which you will get one more point in the scale of access to the school. If you are interested in another school that we do not have, you can contact the Management at the beginning of the course so that they can manage the extra point.


Schools with 1 extra point for our students:

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus School [Slaves]

(Paseo del General Martínez Campos 6, 914454512)

  • Santa María de Yermo School

(Gaztambide Street 91, 915492917)

  • SEK-Santa Isabel International School

(Calle de San Ildefonso 18, 915279094) * 50% on registration

  • Sacred Hearts College

(Calle de Martín de los Heros 91, 915496750)

  • La Salle School - San Rafael

(Calle de Fernando el Católico 49, 915447395)

  • College of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

(Calle Ferraz 63, 915490358)

  • Chamberí Maristas School

(Calle Rafael Calvo, 12, 914456250)

  • Divina Pastora College

(Calle de Santa Engracia 14, 915341012)

  • Mary Immaculate School, Daughters of Charity

(Pª General Martínez Campos 18, 914 466 119) * entrance from Calle de Fernández de la Hoz.

  • G. Nicoli International School

(Paseo de Eduardo Dato, 4, 913 08 20 30 )

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